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Novembre italiano 2019

Pinocchio a Nanchino. Arte dai rifiuti.



2019/11/19 – 2020/1/5


Luogo: Nanjing Chenguang 1865 Creative Industry Park, Zone C4





Bologna Illustrators Exhibition China Tour & Scarry's Birthday 100th Anniversary Exhibition






Luogo: Duoyunxuan Art Center, 1188 Tianyaoqiao Rd., Xuhui District, Shanghai)

Per info: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/dylrqX2x4mldrNW_wGTclQ



BLEU! presentato dalla compagnia TPO


2019.11.29 19:00

2019.11.30-12.1 10:00/14:00


Ingresso a pagamento 

Luogo: Shanghai International Dance Center

Per info: 021-52990372



Spettacolo 8x8=64 presentato dalla compagnia Ritmi Sotterranei


2019.11.30   19:30


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Luogo: Shanghai Grand Theatre

Per info:http://t.cn/Aid6kTd4



"Inside the roots". Mostra d'arte di Anna Maria Angelucci


2019.12.14  14:30


Nell'ambito del progetto culturale promosso da ContestaRockHair "Another Place: New Mental Landscapes".

Luogo: ContestaRockHair, “United Valley”, Chang Le Rd. No.462, M108-110, Shanghai

Per info: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/wWkvfTc9HM-JDOrOf9ceoA





Opera lirica "Turandot" di Puccini



2019.12.13-15 19:15


Regista: Roberto Andò. Cantato in italiano, con sopratitoli in cinese e inglese.

Luogo: Shanghai Grand Theatre

Per info: https://www.shgtheatre.com/project/puqinigejutulanduo



European Union Film Festival in Cina. Film italiano: Il traditore di Marco Bellocchio.


Novembre/ dicembre 2019


Quest'anno il Festival sarà presente in sette città: Pechino, Shanghai, Chengdu, Jinan, Nanchino, Changsha e Shenzhen.

Per info: https://iicshanghai.esteri.it/iic_shanghai/it/gli_eventi/calendario/2019/12/european-union-film-festival-2019.html






7th-8th December 2019

7th Dec (08:00-17:30) - 8th Dec (8:00-13:00)


The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is glad to invite to “GIRO D’ITALIA, RIDE LIKE A PRO”, a Exhibition Cooperation Festival.

10000 Square meters festival space at NECC north plaza will include stage, children’s balance cycling as well as Italian elements exhibition to present authentic Italian lifestyle.


Originated in 1909, Giro d’Italia is the road cycling race held in Italy every year in May. Its subordinate amateur event brand “Ride like a Pro” is a two-day cycling event, providing riding routes of a variety of distances in a safe environment for riders of all ages and professional degrees.

The objective of the event is to allow every rider to enjoy the supreme experience of a professional rider and follow the spirit of “doing all your best” in the Italian cycling culture.


The Festival is created to make both professional and non-professional riders live an exclusive and dynamic cycling experience bringing a new event concept for the cycling and Italian atmosphere fans.


The Festival is also opened to visitors who would like to enjoy the Italian atmosphere without participating to the cycling race, at free of charge but with mandatory registration scanning the  QR code on the flyer

Price: RMB 250 for Members, RMB 350 for Non-Members. Female only. Price includes canapes and three drinks (Happy Hour deal available for extra drinks).

RSVP: To register please scan the QR code on the flyer.

Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center

地点: 国家会展中心上海, 青浦区-崧泽大道333号, No.333, Songze Avenue, Shanghai.

Per info: infoshanghai@cameraitacina.com



Pranzo Associazione Lombardi in Cina




Luogo: Funka Yanping Road



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